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Expressive Arts


It's time for Llanmorlais Carnival!!!


Hey Pry Cop! Get ready for an awesome adventure because the Llanmorlais Carnival is having a very exciting art competition just for you! The theme is... Pirates at the Olympics! Imagine pirates sailing the seas and competing in the Olympics, all in one picture! You can draw Captain Hook doing gymnastics, or maybe a pirate ship race! Use all your brightest colors and wildest ideas, and show everyone your amazing pirate-Olympic mashup. There are fantastic prizes to win and your artwork could be the star of the carnival! So grab your crayons, pencisl, and paintbrushes, and let's create the most exciting pirate adventures ever seen! Ready, set, create!


Let's get inspired!

Remember, the theme is 'Pirates at the Olympics' and this is a competition!

- Think about what they will wear

- What event they are taking part in

- If they have a mascot

- The background and the setting

- Does the art show them competing or with a medal?