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Expressive Arts #LlanLLiwgar

Meet the #LlanLiwgar Team!

Our Mission:  "To Develop Expressive Arts' Skills Across The Whole Curriculum"

The #LlanLiwgar Team 2020

#LlanLliwgar are back!  


After a long time away from our job of improving expressive arts across the school we are ready!  Things we need to improve this year:-


1. Film and media - we all need to improve our film and media skills (even the teachers).

2. Drama - even though we need to do this outside, we can still improve our drama skills.

3. Fine Art - we still need to develop our creative skills through spotlight, IQ and choice and challenge sessions.  

#Llanlliwgar Meeting 02.10.20


Today we had a socially distanced meeting to discuss our targets. 


Film & Video - we all think the teachers need to do more videos so they get better.  If they get better at filming, we will get better too!  Pod Pysgodyn are doing lots of videos to explain how to do a science experiment.  Podlet Coch are doing really well with their flipgrids and Mr Dowsett has done a cool video on how to use the special effects. 


Drama - In Podlet Melyn pupils are able to chose drama for their Choice and Challenge.  Pod Pysgodyn have their own stage so they can go outside to do drama.  However, the pupils would like to write more scripts. 


Fine Art - Although there are some lovely examples of fine art drawings in the books, the pupils think they need more opportunities to illustrate their work. 


Music and Dance - The school has missed out on music as we have not had Claire since March.  We really need to start improving our music skills.  We wondered if pupils could video themselves playing their instruments or dancing?



#LlanLliwgar Update 05.02.20


This term our missions are:- 

1. We think we need to improve our observational drawings of real things! yes

2. Do more filming with the green screen. no

3. Do more Drama  yes



Pod Pry Cop have been looking at how light effects how we see objects and have been developing their observational drawing skills with Mrs Rees.  They have also been experimenting with mixed media to produce amazing topic linked "beneath the rock-pool" art.  Feedback from pupils is that they are loving these sessions and making huge progress in developing their  creative skills.  


In Pod Pysgodyn, they have been looking at a script ready for their performance of "Joseph".  This is going to be a big performance for the pod and will include  singing, dancing and acting!  We can't wait to see it.  


Pod Pengwin are also developing their painting skills through their topic work.  Amazing pirates with water colours!  


Well done to all the teachers who are listening to #LlanLliwgar and improving expressive arts across the school.  We still need to improve our green screen, filming and recording skills.  We also want to do  more script writing. 

23.01.20 Llan Lliwgar Blog


We have recently had some very sad news, and are going to miss Mrs Stevenson so much.  We are all going to make something to put in a special book for her children. She has donated her wonderful keyboard to the pupils of our school. 


The choir have started to rehearse and have lots of new members.  We have a lot more boys now - maybe that's why our new name makes so much sense!  


Pod Pengwin are starting to learn the recorders.  Mrs Williams is teaching us lots of tunes. 


Pod Pyscodyn are using the piano to learn new notes.  They will be practicing soon for their end of term show. 


In Pod PryCop some pupils are playing their wind instruments with Ms Mainwaring and some are learning to play their Toots and Doods.


Pod PryCop are also using water colours with Mrs Rees to enhance their work. 


What we need to do better:-

1. We think we need to improve our observational drawings of real things! 

2. Do more filming with the green screen. 

3. Do more Drama  


These are our missions this term! 




Choir Update

We now have a new name for our Choir!  Look out because "Making Treble" are about to start rehearsing!  

Llan Lliwgar Blog December 2019


We have had an amazing term!  We have called ourselves the Llan Lliwgar and have made a great start of improving Expressive Arts across the school.  For example, we told Mrs Caswell that we were not doing enough painting in some pods.  Well thanks to Mrs Rees this is really improving.  Just look at these robins! 

There is still a lot to improve and we have also told Mrs Caswell that we need to be playing more instruments.  This is also improving now, and every child is learning to play a tuned instrument from year 2 up!  Miss Mainwaring is not only teaching the pupils, but the teachers too.  


Next term we are looking to improve our choir.  We need more time to practice, more members and a new name.  If you can think of a great name, please let us know! 


Don't forget to check out our Twitter feed with #Llanexp or #Llanlliwgar!


AoLE Expressive Arts (Dance, Music, Drama, Art, Film and Media)


Open to all pupils in year 2,3,4,5,6 


Job Description

  • To evaluate how well Llanrhidian develops the knowledge and skills of Expressive Arts
  • To evaluate  how Llanrhidian provides meaningful experiences throughout the school in terms of Expressive Arts
  • To suggest ways in which the school can improve this AoLE
  • To help monitor the AoLE
  • To work with Mrs Caswell  to plan for improvements