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Expressive Arts #LlanLLiwgar

Meet the #LlanLiwgar Team!

Our Mission:  "To Develop Expressive Arts' Skills Across The Whole Curriculum"

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience centres on the five disciplines of art, dance, drama, film and digital media, and music.

Our 2023/2024 Targets:

  • Develop a consistent yet progressive approach to painting across the school
  • Re-develop pod performances for the community 
  • Every pod to use Charanga 


Progression Porfolio


  • Christmas shows were amazing and went very well. Pupils are proud of their performances. 
  • Pry Cop have created some lovely WW2 siluete art work.
  • Pysgoden have enjoyed designing and making ration books. 
  • Pysgoden have enjoyed including illustrations to their literacy books. 
  • Pengwin have designed and built model aircrafts and air raid shelters. 
  • Pry Cop would like to use different resources for art work. Such as collage, paint, charcoal etc. 
  • All Pods are looking forward to creating crafts and produce to sell in our Marchnad. 
  • All Pods would like to learn a Welsh song or dance to perform in our Saint David's Day celebrations. 


Minutes 28.11.23


  • All pods are enjoying Christmas show practice and are looking forward to performing on stage to families. 
  • Pysgoden and Pengwins are enjoying creating Christmas crafts to sell on the shopping channel. 
  • All pods are pleased with the items they produced for the Marchnad Harvest. 
  • Pengwins have liked making snowflakes to decorate the pod and homes. 
  • Pry-Cop want to start creating crafts from Christmas shopping channel. 

Minutes: 24th October 2023

  • Pry cop have demonstrated their ability to work with powder paints 
  • Pysgodyn enjoyed creating portraits of the teachers for they staff One Page Profile display. 

  • All pupils include art in their IQ books

  • All pupils enjoyed creating crafts to sell in the Harvest Market, all pupils enjoyed making posters to sell their items on the stall. 

  • All pupils are ready to start practising for the Christmas shows. 

  • Pry Cop would like to develop their skills using different mediums such watercolours, pastels etc
  • Pry Cop would like to do more sketching, drawing and painting outdoors
  • All pods would like to be part of a dance routine for the Christmas shows. 
  • Pry Cop are not using Charanga enough. Pysgodyn would like to use it not just for Christmas show. 

Minutes: 26th September 2023

  • All pods think they are doing lots of art. e.g. During IQ, Forest school, Choice and Challenge and creating collages of characters from stories. 
  • Pry Cop enjoy drumming Mondays, all pods enjoy whole school singing 
  • All Pods are excited for the Christmas Shows
  • All pods would like to experience different musical instruments 
  • All pods would like to learn Harvest songs and create Harvest crafts for our market 
  • All pods would like to help create props for the Christmas show

End of year update



What a great year we have had with Expressive Arts in Llanrhidian Primary.

All Pods have developed a consistent approach to painting and have produced some excellent works of art that have been displayed creatively around the school. 

The year ended with a spectacular musical performance for our sports day opening ceremony. During the performance, children played drums, sang and danced. We have had much more community engagement this year with our pod Christmas performances, as well as choir engagements including performing in the Brangwyn Hall.


Next years target: 

To develop non negotiable skills for painting across the school.




Minutes: 25.04.23


  • Today we had a book look, we discussed what we liked about each pods art work. 
  • Pry Cop were happy that they are now doing a lot more art in class. 
  • Some pods feel like they still do not do enough art work in their art books. 
  • Some pods still don't feel they have enough opportunities to paint during choice and challenge. 
  • All pods would like to do art for the Kings Coronation. 




Minutes: 28.03.2023

  • Pupils have enjoyed mixing colours and using geometry to create artwork. 
  • Some pods have enjoyed using recycled materials to create Easter crafts. 
  • Some pods enjoy creating art during clwb hwyl. 
  • All pods would like an opportunity to create art during clwb hwyl. 
  • All pods would like opportunities to use recycled materials to create artwork. 
  • Pupils would like to use natural materials to create artwork outdoors during forest school.  
  • Pupils would like to create masks / costumes for a summer show / sports day opening song. 
  • All pods would like to include dancing in the sports day opening song.  

Minutes: 28.02.23:

  • Pupils focused on progression in painting and thought progression through the pod was good.
  • Pupils feel they have good opportunity to develop their painting skills in choice and challenge and spotlight.
  • Pupils would like more opportunities to develop their skills in IQ. 

Minutes: 31.01.23

  • New plan for meetings on the last Tuesday of every month.
  • Music is positive within all pods. Pengwins are continuing to use Charanga, Pry Cop and Pysgodyn are drumming. 
  • Drama - Pupils really enjoyed the Christmas shows and thought that they were 'amazing!'. Feedback from the parents and community has been excellent. 
  • Dancing - Children would like to do more dancing across the school. Pupils suggested dance could be incorporated into Clwb Hwyl and the Easter parade. 
  • Art - Lots of drawing and painting across all pods, pupils have suggested the use of more art medium. 
  • Pupils have expressed a desire to apply art skills during real life events such as Chinese new year. 


The #LlanLiwgar Team 2021-22

This Year's Targets 2021-2022

1. Improve opportunities to apply learnt fine art skills in other situations eg IQ. 

2. Have regular weekly music lessons to develop beat and rhythm. 

3. Develop dance stamina through exploring, responding and creating routines. 

Meeting 1st April 2022

1. Have we improved opportunities to apply learnt fine art skills in other situations eg IQ and Literacy?

PryCop said, "When we looked through the book there were none at the start but there are a lot more.  We have started to have more opportunities to illustrate. We are not sticking in as many pictures, but we are still sticking in some which we could still improve.  We still need to do more fine art for our literacy books.

Pysgodyn said, "We have done lots drawings in our literacy books and our IQs.  We think our illustrations are getting better. 

Pengwins said, "We are still doing lots of drawing." 



2. Is every pod having regular weekly music lessons to develop beat and rhythm?

PryCop said, "We are doing Mrs Caswell's singing challenge, but apart from that and one drumming lesson we have not done any music this term.  Mrs Caswell told us that she pays for us all to have Charranga, but we are not using it.  

Pysgodyn's said, "We use Charanga and we learn ukulele with Mr Bean."  

Pengwins said, "We use Charanga every Friday."  


3. Have we developed dance stamina through exploring, responding and creating routines. 

PryCops said, "We have done very little dancing this term apart from a little bit for the Easter video.  Some pupils love to dance at break times - we have music for this."

Pysgodyns said, "We have done a lot of dancing for the Easter show and some welsh folk dancing.  But we didn't get a chance to make up  our own routines."

Pengwins said, "We do some dancing in the classroom!"


This was a great meeting and the pupils took the points raised back to their pod teachers.  Mrs C will follow up with the teachers in staff meetings. 

Meeting 14th January 2022

We met today to share our progress with our targets.  Our questions were:

1. Have we had opportunities to apply our fine art skills in other books?

Pod PryCop - We have done a few illustrations but not many.  We only tend to illustrate in IQ and we could do far more in our literacy books. We need to stick less pictures in and draw more. 

Pod Pysgodyn - We haven't been given the chance to illustrate much and need to do more. 

Pod Pengwin - We think we do lots of drawing and painting in our books. 

2. Have we had regular weekly music lessons to develop beat and rhythm?

Pod PryCop - We sometime use percussion when we sing. We had drumming lessons, played the ukulele with Mrs Jordan and learnt some boom whacker songs. 

Pod Pysgodyn - We don't do much music but we are starting to play the ukulele.  We don't use Charanga much. 

Pod Pengwin - We sing a lot and use Charanga every Friday. Sometimes we play instruments. 

3. Have we developed our dancing skills including creating routines? 

Pod PryCop - We did dancing for the Christmas show and a little bit with Mrs Westhead.  Some of us dance at breaktimes. But we could do more. 

Pod Pysgodyn - We haven't done much dancing.  We did a little bit for the Christmas show.  But we don't have proper dance lessons. 

Pod Pengwin - We do lots of dancing with our teachers, sometimes with Charanga.  


We then discussed what we needed to improve in expressive arts.  The pupils thought that some pods need to illustrate more in all books.   The pupils would like to use a greater range of materials. Some pods need to plan more opportunities for music.   All pods need to have more dancing lessons.   All pods need to practice singing.  Mrs C has set a whole school singing challenge. (See assembly page)


Next time we will bring our books again at hope to see even more improvements. 

Meeting 24th September 2021

Today we had our first meeting to discuss the targets for this year. 


First we discussed what is going well in our pods?  Here are some expressive arts that have already been planned and taught: 

PryCop: Zumba; Boom whackers, fine art eye drawing and drama

Pysgodyn: painting, space songs, drawing from instruction videos, composing music,

Pengwin: charanga music, self portraits, drawing and painting.


All pods have been singing in assemblies.   


We then discussed what could improve in our pods?  The pupils felt that music at lunch and break times would help them to plan some dance routines.  They would also like to try some 3D modelling.  Pupils also felt that perhap we could do more drawing by illustrating other work eg Maths, Science and Writing.


We looked at Twitter and saw there was quite a lot of Expressive Arts going on already this term!  Well done everyone! #Llanexp 


Mrs Caswell told us that we need to ensure that our pods are working hard to improve our targets.  Next time we meet we will bring our IQ books and Sketch Books.   Maybe we will even see more illustration in our other books. 

Expressive Arts Across the School

The notes below are from 2020-2021

#LlanLliwgar Meeting 04.05.21


Today we met to discuss how we are getting on with our targets.  This year we are looking to improve:-

1. Film and media

2. Drama

3. Fine Art


It has been really hard to meet as a group due to Covid-19.  However


Our Evaluation of 2020-2021:


1. Film and Media - We have all improved our film making.  Mr G has helped all the teachers with their DCF skills. All teachers have made lots of films to help us learn during lockdown.  We think the teachers have been really kind making us films to help us understand what we needed to do when we couldn't go into school - it really helped us. All the older pupils have been improving using flipgrid which has boosted our confidence. 


Some quotes...... 


"My confidence has really grown since using flipgrid, and I am helping my sister to be more confident too!" Year 5


"Flipgrid was a great way for us to show our work at the same time of practicing film-making!" Year 5 


"We can show our teachers how we have improved our work through Flipgrid." Year 5


"The filmed assemblies have helped us a lot to understand through a fun way.  They teach us to be the best we can be!" Year 6


2. Drama - Every Fun Friday some podlets get to do drama.    With Ms Mainwaring some pupils have been making actions to go with sound effects.   Some pupils have used drama to write and publish their own book with a real author and illustrator.   We feel that we need to make sure that drama continues in every pod next year.   


Some quotes...... 


"Drama can improve our well-being, making us feel relaxed and calm." Year 5


"If you are having a bad day drama can cheer you up.  This is building up our confidence and although at first we are little bit nervous, we start to enjoy it."


"A real author helped us to develop our writing and illustrations through tutorial videos.  We also had live lessons which then led to a drama that we filmed for the parents." Year 5 and Year 6 


3. Fine Art - We get quite a lot of opportunities to develop drawing and painting, but we think we need to do more.  Looking at our EPIC books, we can see that we need to include more art work in our IQs.  This would help us to apply the skills we have learnt in spotlight lessons.  This can be a target for next year. 



Next Year's Targets

1. Improve opportunities to apply learnt fine art skills in other situations eg IQ. 

2. Have regular weekly music lessons to develop beat and rhythm. 

3. Develop dance stamina through exploring, responding and creating routines.  

#Llanlliwgar Meeting 02.10.20


Today we had a socially distanced meeting to discuss our targets. 


Film & Video - we all think the teachers need to do more videos so they get better.  If they get better at filming, we will get better too!  Pod Pysgodyn are doing lots of videos to explain how to do a science experiment.  Podlet Coch are doing really well with their flipgrids and Mr Dowsett has done a cool video on how to use the special effects. 


Drama - In Podlet Melyn pupils are able to chose drama for their Choice and Challenge.  Pod Pysgodyn have their own stage so they can go outside to do drama.  However, the pupils would like to write more scripts. 


Fine Art - Although there are some lovely examples of fine art drawings in the books, the pupils think they need more opportunities to illustrate their work. 


Music and Dance - The school has missed out on music as we have not had Claire since March.  We really need to start improving our music skills.  We wondered if pupils could video themselves playing their instruments or dancing?



#LlanLliwgar are back!  2020-2021


After a long time away from our job of improving expressive arts across the school we are ready!  Things we need to improve this year:-


1. Film and media - we all need to improve our film and media skills (even the teachers).

2. Drama - even though we need to do this outside, we can still improve our drama skills.

3. Fine Art - we still need to develop our creative skills through spotlight, IQ and choice and challenge sessions.  

#LlanLliwgar Update 05.02.20


This term our missions are:- 

1. We think we need to improve our observational drawings of real things! yes

2. Do more filming with the green screen. no

3. Do more Drama  yes



Pod Pry Cop have been looking at how light effects how we see objects and have been developing their observational drawing skills with Mrs Rees.  They have also been experimenting with mixed media to produce amazing topic linked "beneath the rock-pool" art.  Feedback from pupils is that they are loving these sessions and making huge progress in developing their  creative skills.  


In Pod Pysgodyn, they have been looking at a script ready for their performance of "Joseph".  This is going to be a big performance for the pod and will include  singing, dancing and acting!  We can't wait to see it.  


Pod Pengwin are also developing their painting skills through their topic work.  Amazing pirates with water colours!  


Well done to all the teachers who are listening to #LlanLliwgar and improving expressive arts across the school.  We still need to improve our green screen, filming and recording skills.  We also want to do  more script writing. 

23.01.20 Llan Lliwgar Blog


We have recently had some very sad news, and are going to miss Mrs Stevenson so much.  We are all going to make something to put in a special book for her children. She has donated her wonderful keyboard to the pupils of our school. 


The choir have started to rehearse and have lots of new members.  We have a lot more boys now - maybe that's why our new name makes so much sense!  


Pod Pengwin are starting to learn the recorders.  Mrs Williams is teaching us lots of tunes. 


Pod Pyscodyn are using the piano to learn new notes.  They will be practicing soon for their end of term show. 


In Pod PryCop some pupils are playing their wind instruments with Ms Mainwaring and some are learning to play their Toots and Doods.


Pod PryCop are also using water colours with Mrs Rees to enhance their work. 


What we need to do better:-

1. We think we need to improve our observational drawings of real things! 

2. Do more filming with the green screen. 

3. Do more Drama  


These are our missions this term! 




Choir Update

We now have a new name for our Choir!  Look out because "Making Treble" are about to start rehearsing!  

Llan Lliwgar Blog December 2019


We have had an amazing term!  We have called ourselves the Llan Lliwgar and have made a great start of improving Expressive Arts across the school.  For example, we told Mrs Caswell that we were not doing enough painting in some pods.  Well thanks to Mrs Rees this is really improving.  Just look at these robins! 

There is still a lot to improve and we have also told Mrs Caswell that we need to be playing more instruments.  This is also improving now, and every child is learning to play a tuned instrument from year 2 up!  Miss Mainwaring is not only teaching the pupils, but the teachers too.  


Next term we are looking to improve our choir.  We need more time to practice, more members and a new name.  If you can think of a great name, please let us know! 


Don't forget to check out our Twitter feed with #Llanexp or #Llanlliwgar!


AoLE Expressive Arts (Dance, Music, Drama, Art, Film and Media)


Open to all pupils in year 2,3,4,5,6 


Job Description

  • To evaluate how well Llanrhidian develops the knowledge and skills of Expressive Arts
  • To evaluate  how Llanrhidian provides meaningful experiences throughout the school in terms of Expressive Arts
  • To suggest ways in which the school can improve this AoLE
  • To help monitor the AoLE
  • To work with Mrs Caswell  to plan for improvements