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Final Data

Final Data


Staff Responses


Following the research project, staff were asked to consider the independent activities during GRaSp time. Responding with always, sometimes or never. 


  • Are pupils challenged during independent GRaSp activities?
    • Always - 0%
    • Sometimes - 100% (c.f. 66%)
    • Never - 0% (c.f. 33%)
  • Do pupils make progress during independent GRaSp activities?
    • Always - 100% (c.f. 0%)
    • Sometimes - 0% (c.f. 100%)
    • Never - 0%
  • Do pupils ask questions during independent GRaSp activities?
    • Always - 100% (c.f. 100%)
    • Sometimes - 0%
    • Never - 0%
  • Are pupils given the opportunities to reflect during independent GRaSp activities?
    • Always - 100% (c.f. 0%)
    • Sometimes - 0% (c.f. 66%)
    • Never - 0% (c.f. 33%)


Reading Age Data - Autumn 2022


Summer data shows that 80% of pupils are now making at least month on month progress in their reading and our school development target was achieved. 


'Real Time Reccy' Obersations


'Real Time Reccy' observations showed that nearly all of independent activities planned across the school during GRaSp time were active activities. Activities such as adobe spark and engagement with the North Gower 'LUA' teaching progression.

Observations also showed that nearly all pupils were able to successfully select the right level of challenge. 

Nearly all pupils were engaged in their learning and were able to complete the task in the given time.  

Staff during this time work with a focus group of pupils and are able to give sufficient in the moment feedback to those on independent activities. This remained unchanged since the baseline, however the school have implemented 'Dysgu Heddiwr' where learners are given the opportunity to reflect on their learning after the session. This is where pupil/teacher dialogue is used to give effective feedback. The use of adobe spark also means digital feedback can be given to be implemented in the next session.

Pupils working within a focus group continue to receive high quality feedback and nearly all learners are challenged and engaged in their learning.


PEST (Pupil Evaluation School Team)


Evaluation of reading in the Summer term can be found by clicking the picture below:







Pupil Questionnaires

The data below shows the responses from the autumn term (blue), compared to the summer term (orange).

The data shows that more pupils feel they are more active in their learning by planning their sessions, asking questions and reflecting. The data shows that some pupils feel that they would like to work together more in this session, which is reflected in their responses from question 10 (see below).


Question 10: What would you like to improve about GRaSp time?

Pupils made the following comments:

  • Choose my own book/text
  • Do it in Welsh
  • Use Flipgrid
  • Collaborate online with others/work with a friend


Wider Impacts


Although the project was focusing on progression step 3 pupils, staff have been able to identify opportunities to use LUA in GRaSp across the school, from progression step 1, focusing on building a consistent and progressive approach.


Staff have identified opportunities to use LUA and adobe spark in other areas of the curriculum and pupils are now selecting adobe spark as a tool to use in other areas of their learning.