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Croeso i GRaSP

This week we are looking at the reading behaviour 'Visualising'


Green: Draw a picture of the scene above.

Red: Add labels to your picture using phrases from the text; e.g. 'ragged clothes'. 

Purple: Add speech bubbles to characters of your choice, writing what they might be thinking.

Spelling W.B: 24.10.22

Correct the purple mistakes in your log book please.

1. The whether has been nice this weekend.

2. Caffi Cynefin is gud for the comunety?

3. Monster's Ball is a time to dress in scarey costunes.

4. We are going to the theater this week.

5. Our swimun skills are inpresive.

6. The chromebooks need cahrgin evry day.

7. TTRS makes us more confudunt.

8. The daily skills slot is helping my clalcutor skills.

9. I went to the cniema on starday.

10. What is going on yur chrtisams list?