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GRaSP; W.B: 2.10.23

Mrs A/Mr D - 'Show not Tell' emotions!

Independent - Handwriting

Independent - Reading Eggs/Nessy/Spell Blast


Choose an emotion from above.

Create a bullet point list of what a character might be doing if they were feeling that emotion.

Once you have written a list, write a short paragraph about a character showing that emotion. Try not to use the emotion word in the paragraph!



Emotion: Amused


Smiling ear to ear


Clutching belly

Doubled over

Gasping for breath

Shoulders moving


Smiling from ear to ear, the girl struggled to stand up straight. Gasping for breath, she clasped her hand over her mouth trying to control the laughter and tears that ran down her face. As she saw her best friend, the laughter took over and her shoulders refused to stop dancing up and down. Today was going to be great. 


GRaSp; W.B 25.9.23:

Mrs A/Mr D - Word classes

Independent - Best work; handwriting

Independent - Nessy/Reading Eggs/TTRS

L.O: I can use language appropriate to writing, e.g., nouns, adjectives and verbs


Activate that prior knowledge! What is a word class?


Which definition belongs where?