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Croeso i GRaSp!


Has anyone noticed the beautiful new clouds in our school hallway? Mrs Caswell had some of our favourite and most important vocabulary added to these clouds... but do you know what they are... and do you know what they mean?

Spelling W.B: 03.10.22

Correct the purple mistakes in your log book please.

1. On Sunday Man City plaid Man United at football.

2. The cake at Caffi Cynefin is delishus?

3. Monster's Ball is at the end of the skool term.

4. Our numeracy skills are getting beta each week.

5. We need to work at a concistunt pace.

6. You need a pakt lunch for the school trip.

7. Our times tables get better when we praktis.

8. The daily skills slot is making me more creeatuv with my writing.

9. I went out for a carvery becus I was hungry.

10. What is the school vishun statement?















This week our text is Oliver Twist by Dickens himself!! We will be learning some new vocabulary and getting to know our characters better!

Spelling W.B: 26.09.22

Correct the purple mistakes in your log book please.

1. On Sunday whales played Poland at football.

2. I wunder, who will go to Caffi Cynefin this week?

3. Caffi Cynefin was very popalur last week.

4. Our literacy skills are inprufing each week.

5. We must focus on our presintashion skills.

6. We are going on a school trip in octobre.

7. A tractor cut the hedgis by school last week.

8. Charles Dickens was an orfor who wrote books.

9. Strictly Come Dansin started on the weekend.

10. What is the school mishun statement?