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Gwenyn Frenhines

Gwenyn Frenhines.

This week we will be learning all about bees and their importance in our world.


1. Patterns.

Bees are yellow with black stripes. Can you think of an a,b or an a,b,c pattern to create your own unique bee kite?


How to do the Waggle Dance - National Honey Bee Day - HoneyLove

2.A factual book about bees.

Can you create your own book about bees?

You must present 5 important facts in your llyfr.

Don't forget to illustrate your writing.


Why are BEES so IMPORTANT? | World Bee Day | Newsround

Bees are an important part of our world, they help to pollinate plants that create the food that we eat. But bee numbers have been dropping over the years an...

World Bee Day Song for Kids! | Stay in a Hive

Learn all about the bees and celebrate World Bee Day 2022 with this new song for kids from Twinkl Kid's TV. World Bee Day is celebrated on the 20th of May an...

3.Pattrwn yr wythnos.


Pattrwm yr wythnos.

Blwyddyn 1.