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Tinker Time...

Around the room are some resources to make you wonder!


Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something!


LO: I can recognise that changes in materials affect their properties and uses under different conditions.



1. Hook - Let's get motivated to learn!



2. Authenticity - Why are we doing this?


Why is it so important that we keep developing our science and technology skills?

Authenticity - Why are we doing this?

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3. Knowledge - What do we need to know?





Now it's time to extend our knowledge and do some new research.


Use the chilli research links below to help summarise and make notes on diffusion.

Cofia: Reading Behaviour - Summarising 

Key Questions:

1. What is diffusion?

2. How does diffusion happen?

3. What affects diffusion?

4. Give an example of diffusion in the real world.


4. Application - Let's Get to Work!