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LO: To recognise that a property can help to decide whether it is the best material for an object or task

LO: To test the properties of materials for a specific property, e.g. to see if they are waterproof.

LO: To explore and describe which is the best waterproof material.

Hook - Let's get excited for our learning!

 Mrs Parry is thrilled about the upcoming fashion show! She's bubbling with excitement to design a fabulous skirt. But wait, it has to be waterproof! What does this mean? Which material will be the best? Can you help her?

Authenticity - Why are we doing this?

We need to know the properties of materials so we can use them. Have a look at the picture, can you explain how something is waterproof?

Knowledge - What do we need to know?

Materials And Their Properties

Download your Materials teacher resource pack ➕ try this video with built-in interactive questions FREE ✅ #materials #physicalproperties #chemistry #ClickView Every single object is made of different materials that have observable properties. This video sorts and groups materials based on observable properties such as color, texture, and flexibility.

What materials are waterproof? | BBC Teach

There are many types of materials, but only some are waterproof. Join Dr Brain and his team of scientists as they test four everyday materials, looking at their properties to see if they are suitable to stop the leaking pipe. The team will identify and test three different everyday materials: cotton wool, paper and plastic.

Application - Let's Get to Work!