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Hook - Let's get motivated!

LO: To demonstrate how force can slow down a moving object.

LO: To communicate about the effect air resistance has on yourself and on objects.

LO: To use the term "air resistance" correctly when describing a force.



Mr. G just heard about the amazing Toy Story Parachute Drop ride at Disneyland, and he's super excited! He wants to make parachutes for his toy soldiers so they can float gently to the ground, just like in the ride. But how can he make them float for longer? What changes can he make to their parachutes?

Let's become scientists and help Mr. G! We'll experiment with making our own paper helicopters, testing different designs to see what helps them stay in the air the longest. Are you ready to take on the challenge and make the best floating parachutes for Mr. G's toy soldiers? Let's get started!

Authenticity - Why are we doing this?

Playtime with Parachutes | Physics for Kids

From skydiving to recess, parachutes are used for fun and safety. So how do parachutes work to slow down people in the sky, or make a fun bubble to play in? Join Squeaks and Jessi as they show you how forces allow parachutes to do their job! ---------- Like SciShow?

Knowledge -  What do we need to know?


I wonder...

What does gravity do?

What is air resistance?

Application - Let's Get to Work!