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Handa’s Surprise.

LO: To retell a story #LlanLit. We have enjoyed retelling the story of Handa’s and  Akiyo’s surprise


LO: I can retell stories creatively.Can you retell the story of 'Handa's Surprise'but can you add your own animal? What fruit would your animal take from Handa's basket?





Autumn Harvest

L.O. To shop for items up to 10p

Miss Walters has got her shopping lists mixed up. She is trying to buy the cheapest ingredients to make her apple crumble. Can you help Miss Walters buy the cheapest ingredients for her apple crumble. 


LO: I am beginning to talk about similarities and diffrences that I see.

What do you notice?

What is the same?

What is different?

Describe what you see.


All these questions and statements are examples of problem solving language that we can use when we are completing numeracy and literacy problems.

Time Lapse of the Changing Seasons | BBC Teach

LO:I can use use a growing range of simple art techniques to create specific textures, sizes, shapes, etc., e.g. joins using thread, glue.

Mrs Rees loves all the seasons and doesnt have a favourite. She would like you to help her create a timeline of the changing seasons using several art techniques.

I wonder whether you will paint, collage or draw your Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter pictures.


L.O. To write using high-frequency words

Miss Walters loves autumn. She loves the leaves turning orange and red, and the shiny conkers falling from the trees. Could you write some descriptive words to describe your favourite autumn things?


LO; I can use a pencil and hold it effectively.

I can lessen the movement of my  arm when writing, e.g. makes more movements with my hand.

I can form correctly 20+ lower-case letters.



This week we will be squiggling the letter 'g'.


Monster Mash

Pattrwm yr wythnos.


Beth wyt ti’n hoffi bwyta?


Dw i’n hoffi bwyta....

Still image for this video

Dw i’n hoffi bwyta .....

Still image for this video