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How to write a BFG poem

The Marvellous Ears!

Do you remember reading this from the BFG?


‘You mean you can hear things I can’t hear?’ Sophie said. ‘You is hearing only thumping loud noises with those little earwigs of yours. But I am hearing all the secret whisperings of the world!’ cried the BFG. ‘Such as what?’ Sophie asked. ‘In your country,’ he said, ‘I is hearing the footsteps of a ladybird as she goes walking across a leaf.’ ‘Honestly?’ Sophie said, beginning to be impressed. ‘What’s more, I is hearing those footsteps very loud,’ the BFG said. ‘When a ladybird is walking across a leaf, I is hearing her feet going clumpety-clumpety-clump like giants’ footsteps.’ ‘Good gracious me!’ Sophie said. ‘What else can you hear?’ ‘I is hearing the little ants chittering to each other as they scuddle around in the soil.’ ‘You mean you can hear ants talking?’ ‘Every single word,’ the BFG said. ‘Although I is not exactly understanding their langwitch.’

Dahl, Roald. The BFG (pp. 62-63). Penguin Random House Children's UK. Kindle Edition. 

Imagine you are the BFG what creatures can you hear in the distant?

What kind of creatures are they?

What kind of noises do they make?

Can we make a poem about these wonderful noises and creatures?