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Hwyaden a L'oiseau

L.O. To use mental strategies to recall number facts up to 10. #LlanNum

Miss Blackmore is excited to visit the Summer carnivals this year. Her favourite game to play is 'Hook-a-Duck'. She always finds the game easy and wants to make it more challenging. Well our game of 'Hook-a-Duck' involves adding up the numbers on the bottom! 

Maddie explains how birds fly! 🐦 | CBeebies

Wonderful Water Birds 🦆 | Aquatic Adventures | Andy's Amazing Adventures

L.O.To use different techniques creating own designs based on feelings and memories #LlanExp

I wonder what birds we might find living around our school? Do you think there will be a big variety? Will they be the same or different? Explore our surroundings and take some pictures of birds that you see. Now, Mrs Rees loves the beautiful patterns that you see on birds. Can you create your own Llanrhidian bird inspired by the ones that you spotted when you were out and about?