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Instrument of Government



The name of the school is: Llanrhidian Primary School


The school is a community school.


The language which is used as the medium of instruction and the normal business of the school is:  English


The name of the governing body is: .Llanrhidian Primary School Governing Body


The governing body shall consist of:


  • 4 parent governors;
  • 3 LA governors;
  • 1 teacher governors;
  • 1 staff governor;
  • 3 community governors;
  • 1 additional Community Governor to be appointed by the minor authority (Community Council) or from one or more of the minor authority areas in which the school is situated.
  • The headteacher (except at any time when he/she has given written notice to the clerk to the governing body of the school that he chooses not to be a governor)


Total number of governors 14 (except at any time when the headteacher has given notice as above that he/she chooses not to be a governor, when the total number of governors will be 13)


Subject to regulations 33-37 of the Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005, this instrument of government comes into effect on the date of making.


This instrument was made by the City & County of Swansea Local Authority on 2017.