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I wonder, what makes a healthy lifestyle?

Find below resources and links to help you with this IQ. You will notice that not all of the questions are listed - this is because you will need to answer based on your opinion and experiences. 

Cofia! These resources are a starting place for your IQ, extra research is always a good idea for a more thorough answer. Pob lwc!


Wellbeing for Children: Healthy Habits

1. Explain how physical activity is important for a healthy mind.

3. What is a healthy diet made up of? (Click the image for more information!)

DCF - Food Nutrition Record

Go into teams and you will find a copy of the spreadsheet that is below.

Create your own for a meal you had recently or create a food diary for a day to see what your daily intakes are.

4. Write some rules for creating a secure password.

Watch the video below for some top tips.

How to Create a Strong Password