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I wonder, how can we help to tackle the 'climate crisis?'

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?

Mrs Parry has entered the school in the 'Energy Sparks' competition!


Our job is to *inspire others* to tackle the climate emergency. 

HOOK: Let's hear from the energy service themselves by clicking the image below...

1. Explain what 'Carbon Footprint' is. 

HOT: What can we do as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint?

What is Carbon Footprint? - Environmental Science for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

2. Summarise how climate change is impacting the World. 

Click the image below to help with your research. 

Find and explain one way in which climate change is impacting the world.

Find and explain at least two ways in which climate change is impacting the lives of animals on our planet.

Find an explain more than two ways in which climate change is impacting the lives of animals and humans on our planet. 

HOT: If we do not make changes NOW, what might the future look like for planet earth?


3. Respond to the gallery of climate change images by producing your own artwork.

4. Reducing the temperature in school could help reduce the bills!! Calculate how much we could save!



HOT: How much would this save over 5 years?

5. Teach the school about climate change and what we can do to reduce its impact. Cofia! It needs to be suitable to tweet our to our school and community!


Create a persuasive poster 

Write a persuasive letter

Write and film a persuasive speech.


*Helpful hint! Look in your literacy book for key features and success criteria for persuasion!!*


HOT: What key Welsh phrases could you include?