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UEFA have launched a global campaign to tackle online abuse. 

Have a look at their video.


Real Scars UEFA / CFA

Llanmorlais Carnival are focusing on heroes and villains! I wonder, what powers would a superhero need to tackle online abuse?

They have two categories, poetry and art!

I wonder, what powers would a modern day superhero need?

Let's discuss, what is a superhero?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

1. Introduce your digital superhero. Superpower – Inspiring kindness online!


Look at the WAGOLL below:


Introduce your superhero by creating a fact file. 


HOTS: Competition entry: Now you know your superhero, write a poem about them! Cofia, we are focusing on inspiring kindness online.


Cofia! Use your literacy book to help you! We have covered:


Narrative poems

Vilanelle poems

Rhyming poems

Acrostic poems!

Look at the WAGOLL below by Naomi Woodcock



A Superhero

A superhero brings about justice 
so that humankind can have peace

A superhero is always kind
especially when helping the blind

A superhero has great wisdom
and uses it to protect their kingdom

A superhero has to be brave
so they can help the trapped escape

A superhero can act as a shield
they protect us and never yield

A superhero has to be generous 
they give up their time and strength for us 

But a superhero might not be like you think
they can be everyday people so you might not make the link 

An everyday hero might not be able to fly
maybe sometimes they’re also a little shy

But an everyday hero can make a difference
because they are prepared to go the distance. 

2. Design your digital superhero! Think about the costume and any accessories they might need.


Think about:

Colour - why have you chosen that colour?

Logo - what will the logo look like? Why?

Accessories - will they have a shield? a car? an iPad?


Think! Why do you like your favourite superhero? Do some research to inspire your design!


Cofia! This is a competition entry!

Skills we have covered to help you:


Backwash and overpaint

Water colours





Green Chilli

Design a cape and a mask using the template below.

Orange Chilli

Design a full superhero including his cape. Use the template below to help you.

Red Chilli

Design the front on a superhero taking inspiration from your own research.

3. What does the data tell you about how the internet is used in 2023?


4. Beth ydy dy hoff gêm cyfrifiadur? Pam?


Fy hoff gêm cyfrifiadur ydy... achos mae'n...



HOTS: Beth wyt ti'n ddim yn hoffi chwarae ar y cyfrifiadur? Pam?




Ymlacio - Relaxing

Cyffrous - Exciting

Hapus - Happy 

Araf - Slow

Cyflym - Fast 

Cwl - Cool

Trist - Sad

Llawer o hwyl - Fun

Caled - hard

Rhwydd - Easy

Rhy ifanc -Too young

Rhy hen - Too old

Hen ffasiwn - Old fashioned

Dw i'n mwynhau chawarae gyda fy ffrindiau - I enjoy playing with my friends

Mae'n helpu gyda fy sgiliau mathemateg - It help's me with my maths skills