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I wonder, how successful has Caffi Cynefin and the Llanrhidian World of Work been so far?

 1. What are the benefits to primary school pupils taking part in Llanrhidian’s World of Work and Caffi Cynefin? 

Click the picture below to read more about it!


2. What advice would you give to the pupils starting Pod Pry Cop in September about Caffi Cynefin?

3. Create a graph to show the Caffi Cynefin expenditure and profit for each term.


Overall, have we made a profit or a loss?


Green - Show the profit for each term



Red - Show the profit and expenditure for each term



There is a variety of graph paper to help you in the class, have a look at which one you need to help you!


HOT - Create a graph by hand and on excel! Share the document with so it can be printed. 

5. Beth wyt ti’n hoffi bwyta yn y caffi? Beth wyt ti’n ddim yn hoffi bwyta? Pam?



Yn bersonal... Personally

Achos mae'n... Because it's

Yn y Caffi... In the Caffi


Sentence Starters:

Dw i ddim yn hoffi bwyta... I don't like to eat...

Dw i'n hoffi bwyta... I like to eat...


Bwyd a diod:

Llaeth... milk

siocled poeth... hot chocolate

coffi... coffee

te... tea

dwr... water

pop... pop

tiesen... cake

rholyn selsig... sausage roll

toesen... doughnut



Flasus iawn... Very tasty

Da i fi... Good for me

Ych a fi... Disgusting 

Ddrwg i fi... Bad for me



4. What impact has Caffi Cynefin had on you, on the school and on the wider community? Also consider the 4p’s and SDG’s. 




Sentence Starters to help:


Caffi Cynefin has been good for me because... I have shown that I can... I have done this by...


Caffi Cynefin has been good for the school because... 


Caffi Cynefin has been good for the wider community because...


HINT! You could also read the feedback forms from the Caffi and quote some of the feedback!