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I wonder, what do people like and admire about me?


Croeso i Pod Pry Cop!


L.O. I can identify my own strength and skills.



Croeso i Pod Pry Cop.MOV

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1. What do people like and admire about me?

You could answer this question using bullet points, e.g.,

- People think I am kind

- People think I am funny

- People think I am creative 



2. What is important to me?

This could also be answered using bullet points. E.g., 

- My family is important to me

- My friends are important to me

- Playing sport is important to me

3. How can you best support me?

You guessed it... bullet points could be used or a short paragraph!

The best way to support me is to include me in decisions that effect me. I also like to be given time to take on new ideas and I like to work with others. If I get stuck, I might need to go for a walk or take a break to work it out.

4. Dyma Fi!

Create a fact file all about you! Have a look at the examples below and choose your chilli!



Dyma Fi: Ceirios

Pwy wyt ti? Ceirios ydw i/

Ble wyt ti’n byw? Dw i’n byw yn Llanrhidian.

Gyda phwy wyt ti’n byw? Dw i’n byw gyda mam a dad o’r enw afal a oren.

Faint ydy dy oed di? Dw i’n deg oed.

I ba ysgol wyt ti’n mynd? Dw i’n mynd i ysgol Llanrhidian.

Pa liw ydy dy wallt? Mae gwallt coch gyda fi.

Pa liw ydy lygaid di? Mae llygaid glas gyda fi.

Beth wyt ti’n hoffi? Dw i’n hoffi chwarae pel droed achos mae’n hwyl a dda i mi, weithiau dw i'n hoffi chwarae hoci!

Oes anifail anwes gyda ti? Mae ci gyda fi or enw banana. Does dim cath gyda fi, gwaetha'r modd!


Bocs Bendigedig!


Gwaetha'r modd...worst luck!

Or enw... called



5. What UNCRC rights are most important to me?


Have a look at our pupil rights page by clicking the spider below... which ones are most important to you? Why?

Present this how you wish! You could create a poster or even a Flipgrid!

You could even create an overview of all 11, explaining which right with celebrate in each month. 

6. What is Llanrhidian School’s Mission? What is Llanrhidian School’s Vision? Hint! They are two different things!

Click the Llanrhidian Badge and see if you can find the answers!

Wyt ti wedi gorffen?



Create a poem/picture/video about Pod Pry Cop!