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I wonder, how are rainbows formed?















L.O: I can demonstrate that white light can be dispersed to show the colours of the spectrum. 



1. What are transparent, translucent and opaque objects? 

What does each word mean? Can you find an example of each one?



2. Research how white light is dispersed to show the colours of the spectrum.


3. Can you identify the colours and order of the rainbow? 

I wonder, why are they in that colour order? 


4. I wonder, can you explain how we recognise the colour of an object?

What does reflection or absorption have to do with it?


5.  Pa liw sy'n gwneud pa liw newydd?

Think of the colour wheel and our primary colours.

What colours make new colours?

Glas adio melyn = ?

Coch adio melyn = ?

Green Chilli - How is a rainbow made?

Red Chilli - How Rainbows Form

ACES - How do light waves make colour?