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L.O: To identify behaviours, actions and decisions and how they are influenced by ethical and moral judgements.

1. What is 'Children in Need'?

BBC Children in Need 2022 for Kids | Fundraising for Children in Need

 What 4 main difficulties does Children in Need support?

From the video add additional interesting facts about BBC Children in Need. For example, when did it start?

Click the picture of Pudsey and Blush below, summarise what BBC Children in Need do and give examples of what people do to raise money. 


2. In your opinion, why is 'Children in Need' so successful?

Think about...

What motives are there for people to get involved and raise money?

Why do you think celebrities get involved?

What impact do you think the celebrities have on the prize fund?


3. Choose a character, Pudsey or Blush. Write a 'Dyma Fi' sgwrs of them introducing themselves. Cofia YOU are pretending to be Pudsey or Blush so you can make the answers up! Click on the image of Pudsey and Blush below to take you to the Welsh resources AND you can use your literacy book to help you.



4. Inspired by Joe! How many 'Bearpees' can you complete in a minute? What impact do 'burpees' have on you? Click the image to watch a tutorial.


5. What can we learn about 'Children in Need' from the graph?


What does the graph tell you?

According to the graph which year made the most donations?


What does the graph tell you?

What does the graph not tell you?

What is the difference between the most donations and the least donations?


What is the general trend of the graph?

What is the range of the data?

2022 looks like an anomalous result. Why might this be?

6. Recreate Pudsey Bear or Blush. Use any resources you would like.


 Explain what you think might happen to the donations between 2023 and 2027.

 Using excel, create a graph showing what you predict will happen to the data between 2023 and 2027.