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I wonder, what are your reflections on our amazing show, Joseph?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

L.O: I can begin to identify an effect, mood, emotion or idea that a performer is communicating through drama, suggesting which element/s help to achieve it.



1. Think of your part in the performance, what went well?

What would you improve on next time?

Example responses:

In my opinion I think that.........went well because.........

I also think that......... went well because.........

However, I think an area that could be improved would be.........

I think this because.........


2. How did Pry Cop show different emotions and moods through the show?

Try to give specific examples such as: Lights, drama, music etc. 

Example responses:

One of the ways that Pry Cop tried to show different moods was by.........

Another way Pry Cop attempted to display a change in emotions was to.........

One of the effective ways that Pry Cop showed a shift in the mood/emotion was by.........


3. Look at the example of the ‘mood graph’.

Reflect on your Joseph journey.

Create a mood graph to show your feelings.

Mood Graph WAGOLL:

4. Read the research about the benefits of music and drama.

What are the benefits? (Use bullet points)

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Example sentence starters:

I believe that...

In my opinion, I think that the research shows that...

The research demonstrates that...

The research highlights that...

The evidence suggests that...

5. Imagine you are a member of our community.

Write a review and give it a star rating out of 5.

WAGOLL Example:

Quite simply put, ‘The Lion King’ stage show is the best show I have ever seen. I have watched The Lion King multiple times, but, never like this. I took my teenage son with me and he is at that age where he is hard to impress. He even played Scar in his primary school’s end of year 6 performance. To say he adored it is definitely a testament to this remarkable production (He loved it so much he even helped me write this review!). The music was uplifting and helped to tell the story and show the character’s emotions. The whole theatre was up on their feet at the end! I would see this show again and again and again! A must watch for the whole family. Don't miss out!


Argue whether you think drama should or should not continue to be taught in school.