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Rydyn ni'n caru darllen!!

We love to read!

1. What is world book day?

Click the image for more information!


Why do we have world book day?


Why do we have world book day and when did it begin?


What is world book day, when was it created and what is their mission?

2. A book shop is having a sale, work out the new price for these books.


Grab a handout to see the chilli's!! Flap the questions in your IQ, use squared paper for your workings out!


3. What is your favourite book and why?





My current favourite book is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Charlie and the chocolate factory is a hilarious and very engaging book to read. I love the many different characters with different personalities, getting themselves into tricky and difficult situations they could not get out off. My favourite characters are definitely the Oompa lumpas they are so funny! I love how this book finished on a happy ending and enjoyable ending. Anyone who is debating on whether or not to read this should stop debating now and go get this book immediately and start reading!!!

4. Create a front cover and a blurb for a new story -  need inspiration for a story? Why not write the blurb to the story you wrote in Spotlight!




Flying high in the sky, Gemma sits there on plane off on holiday to Bali. She is dreaming of the best holiday she can possibly have. Little does she know all of this is about to happen. However, nothing is ever a smooth ride. Will Gemma’s dream come true? Will Gemma have the best holiday of her life? Or Will Gemma’s dream turn into a nightmare? Will Gemma get through the struggles and make her life perfect?

5. Why is reading so important?


 Write three facts about why reading important.


 Write five facts about why reading is important.


 Write a paragraph with why reading is important (At least five facts)

6. Beth ydy dy hoff lyfr?


Fy hoff lyfr ydy...

Sawl seren?


Fy hoff lyfr ydy... achos mae'n...

Sawl seren?

Fy hoff lyfr ydy... achos mae'n.... Fy hoff cymeriad ydy... achos mae'n...

Sawl Seren?






Funny - doniol

Funny - doniol

Interesting - diddorol

Clever - clyfar

Exciting - cyffrous

Smart - smart


Assess the value of reading every day? 


The value of reading is / is not important because ...

Reading is seen as important because ...

When I read, I feel ...

From reading I can learn ...