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Launch Day

I wonder, what our new topic will be?


I wonder, what kind of questions we can generate from our EPIC board?

Let us think about your brain?

I wonder what an amygdala does?


Camouflage animals:

What do animals do to blend in with their surroundings?

Watch a video on natural camouflage.

Top 10 SNEAKY Animal Camouflages | Earth Unplugged

Super survivor

Watch the videos on life of insects and dangerous plants

Design an animal or a plant which would have the perfect survival technique for living in the wild. What superpowers can your plant or animal have which would help it to survive?

Draw a picture of the animal or plant and annotate how it uses its powers to survive.

Life of Insects | Attenborough: Life in the Undergrowth | BBC Earth

David Attenborough encounters the most DANGEROUS plant in the desert! 😲🌵 The Green Planet 🌱BBC

I wonder, what are your dreams ?