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Launch Week

Launch Week!

Shwmae, Bonjour, Gutten tag and Hello!

Welcome back to our Summer term in Pod Pengwin. We can't wait to launch our new topic with you.



Allez le Champions!!


Beth ydy les Phryges?

L.O. To add their opinion to a discussion. #LlanHum

Mrs Marchant loves to visit France, in fact she goes every year. She would like to know have you ever been to France? What do you already know? What food do they like to eat? Can you blow Mrs Marchant away with your amazing knowledge about France?


L.O To express your own ideas and opinions about what you would like to learn about. #LlanLit

Miss Walters has loved our Summer term launch day activities, especially the Croissant! She would now love to find out what you would like to learn about this term? Maybe you would like to find out more about Olympic sports. Who is the fastest runner? Who can jump the highest? Maybe you would like to learn more about France. How long does it take to get there? Is it a warm country?


L.O. To relate different ideas to aspects of art. #LlanExp

M Miss Blackmore and Mrs Rees were discussing how interesting the new Olympic mascot is. They liked how it symbolised French people. Can you design a mascot for your group? 


L.O. To perform basic components of movements. #LlanHealth

Did you know that Basketball is a very popular Olympic sport? It takes lots of time to learn the skills to play it. Can you see if you can pass the ball to your partner? How about bouncing it to the hoop? Pob lwc.