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Hook - Let's get motivated! 


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We need to borrow money for our Enterprise Challenge.

We need to write Mrs Caswell to ask if we can borrow some money out of school funds to start our business. 

Informal to Formal

GRaSp - This week we will be focusing on the reading behaviour - summarising.

I wonder, can you summarise Mrs Caswell's blog?



1. The girl was traped under the fallen building.

2. She had actually counted in corektly.

3. You must complete your tests in sylence.

4. I love going swimin!

5. My frends and I went to the cinema last weekend.

6. It’s important to have a fire extinsher at hand.

7. She therliey enjoyed the chocolate cake at her birthday party.

8. We drove through the countreeside when we went on holiday.

9. Check the weight of the swtcase before you get on the plane!

10. There were aproximetly 52000 people at the football match.


This week we are focusing on the reading behaviour - questioning. 

WB: 07.06.2022
Change the purple mistakes.

1. We reached our destinatetion after a long journey.

2. The telephone was invented in the nin teanth century.

3. There were fourty guests at the wedding.

4. In February, the wether starts to slowly get a little bit better.

5. The poster I desined won a very exciting competition!

6. The matereal my dress was made of ripped easily.

7. There were a number of visiters in school this week.

8. The fighting halted when the authoritys arrived.

9. It was a serprising turn of events when the landslide started.

10. It isn’t particely cold, so you don’t need to wear a coat!