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This term we are kicking off with biography writing and fact files!

With so many influential Victorians and inventions to learn about, this is a brilliant text type to use!

How to Take Notes for Kids - Tips for effective and efficient note taking | 1 Minute Lessons

Learn some simple tips to help you take notes while researching. New video, Blogging for Kids:









This week we will be diving into our topic 'What the Dickens?'

Where better to start than with some of the works from the man himself...

Spelling W.B: 20.09.22

Correct the purple mistakes in your log book please.

1. The bank holidey gave us a three day weekend.

2. Swansea City won ageinste Hull on Saturday.

3. Caffi Cynefin starts on thersdiy in the morning.

4. I went to the shopping senter on Saturday.

5. The school feuld is great at lunch time.

6. The shops were clothsed on Monday.

7. The farmer had lots of chekins on his land.

8. Oliver Twist was a vicktoryian story.

9. There were lots of poelpe in London for the Queen's funeral.

10. What helps you stay in the green zone for your well-bean?









Spelling W.B: 12.09.22

Correct the purple mistakes in your log book please.

1. I went on an eroplain in the summer holidays.

2. My football match was canseled on the weekend.

3. Inspiring our chlidrun to be the best they can be.

4. Swimming on fryday was lots of fun.

5. I watched a film on the weaknd.

6. I went shopping becos I needed some new shoes.

7. I was eggsausted after going for a run.

8. When you go home rembre to take your lunch box.

9. What is your favrite food to eat?

10. Where is the class charter in our clasrum?