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#LlanReadtoRelax Week

Bedtime Stories | Jessica Ennis-Hill reads The Frog Olympics 🐸 | CBeebies

L.O. To respond to what you hear, read and view.

We know that you are brilliant authors when you get to imagine your own story but what happens if you let a dice decide your story. Roll the dice to see what it lands on, use this to help plan your story.




L.O. To give equivalent amounts to 10p, 20p or £1. 
Miss Blackmore is really excited about our tree sale. She has £1 in her purse but she can't remember what coins make £1. Can you find all the ways to make £1?


WB 20.05.24

Ci newydd ?

Still image for this video

​​​​​​LO: To sequence the events in a story #LlanLit

Do you think you can remember the order that Hairy MaClary's friends appeared in the story? 


Hairy MaClary had a lot of friends in the Donaldson Dairy gang. I wonder whether you would like to add your own imaginary dog to the 'Dairy' gang. What would you call it? How would you describe it?

Punctuation Pete


Cofiwch to check your work for;

  • Captial letters

  • Full stops

  • Finger spaces


Punctuation Pete

L.O To order two items by length, height, weight and capacity. 

Miss Walters really enjoyed Mrs Marchant's favourite story, Hairy Maclary. It got her thinking, Hairy Maclary met lots of dogs on his journey, all of different weights and sizes. How much do you think each dog's dog food weighs? Can you find out?