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What do you notice?


How do we know which is the biggest? Which is the smallest?

I wonder... what's the biggest number we can make with the digits 4,6,9... what's the smallest?

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?



To order and compare numbers up to one thousand

To order and compare numbers up to one million

To order and compare numbers beyond one million

Numicon Warm Up!


Complete the sentences in your book...


< means...

> means...

= means...


greater than/less than/the same as

Use the Greater Than and Less Than Signs to Compare Numbers

Amser choose your chilli!


Wyt ti wedi gorffen?


Click the chilli's to play a game!


L.O: I can understand negative values


L.O: To place positive and negative numbers on a number line

L.O: To count forwards and backwards with positive and negative numbers

L.O: To interpret negative numbers within a context



Negative Numbers: An Overview

Negative Number Games!