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My Family and other animals.

Our topic this term is................... 

Green Green Grass Of Home


Launch Day

Are you detective Pengwins?

Can you help solve a mystery?

1. Where is this cave?

2. What do you think was found in this cave?

3. Why do you think these objects were red?

My Family

We will be looking at our families and people who are important to us. 

#LlanHum - Mapping 


#LlanLit #LlanHum - Around my house I can see...

What is close to your house? Can you see a park? Walk to the beach? Hop to the shops? Or even cycle to school. Can you create a diagram to tell us what is close to your house?

My Pets

In Pod Pengwin we love talking about and playing with our pets. This week, we will be looking at our pets and how we can look after them.


What do pets need?

#LlanHealth How to keep Pets healthy?

How can we make sure our Pets stay healthy? How can we help our pets?


#LlanLit How to look after our Pets?

Miss Walters has got a brand new puppy. She is unsure when she needs to bath him, feed him, take him for a walk or even how he can make friends. Can you write a set of instructions to help Miss Walters look after her new puppy.