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Nadolig yn dod

Nadolig yn dod

Santa's Greatest Secret - Lyndon Jeremiah Reading

Santa's Greatest Secret - Children's Story Book Santa has a secret. Find out what it is in this wonderful Christmas story written by Lyndon Jeremiah and illustrated by Jennie Harmer.

L.O. Explores forming a quantity in different ways, using combinations of objects or quantities. #LlanNum


Digit Dog and Calculating Cat have some red and blue baubles to put on their tree. They can only put 5 baubles on the tree and have to decide how many of each colour they use. How many different ways can they do it? What would happen if there were 10 baubles?

L.O. To interact in simple conversations #LlanCym

Ring ring, ring ring. It's Sion Corn on the phone! I wonder what he needs.

He's ringing to find out about all the good bechgen a merched in Pod Pengwin. He needs you to tell him all about yourself before he gets ready to deliver the presents. 



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#LlanLit LO:Relates information and ideas from reading materials and literature to personal experiences.

  • What do you know about Father Christmas?
  • Ble mae Sion Corn yn byw?
  • Beth mae Sion Corn yn hoffi bwyta?
  • Faint ydy dy oed Sion Corn?

To say familiar, short phrases to peers. #LlanCym

Mrs Marchant is looking forward to seeing Sion Corn in our Marchnad Nadolig. She has been writing down all the things that she would like. Using the pattern 'Ga i' what would you like from Sion Corn?

Ga i drum.

Ga i dolls a bike.

To share their ideas and feelings and express what they like and dislike. #LlanLit

It's that time of year and Miss Walters is getting magical ink ready to write her letter to Sion Corn. She is so excited to write it she has forgotten everything that she needs to put on it.

Can you help Miss Walters by writing your own letter to Sion Corn. 







Oh Christmas tree.

#LlanHum LO: Uses simple vocabulary to name parts of plants correctly, e.g. seed, flower, leaf, root, branch.

Miss Blackmore loves to be outside in nature. She loves all types of trees including Christmas trees. She would like your help to plant all the trees that has had delivered from the North Pole.

Ting-a-Ling-a-Ling (Clychau Santa Clôs) - Welsh Jingle Bells Kids Song 🎄🔔

#LlanHealth LO:Begin to know about cultures and beliefs of other people.

Why are we angels in the Christmas play? Who are Mary & Joseph? At this time if year we are learning about the Nativity story. Can you tell explain to Mrs Rees why we celebrate Christmas? 

Squiggle While you Wiggle.

L.O. I can use a pencil and hold it effectively.

This week we will be squiggling the letters...

i and t

Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Brenda Lee "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" official animated video.