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Dear Parents and Carers, 


Firstly, I hope you are all safe and and well at this extremely unusual time. The school recognises that many of you are facing difficulties and challenges that we could never have anticipated just a few weeks a go and we want you to know that we are here to help should you need it. We can can be reached daily through the school phone or via email. We will deal with all matters confidentially and will signpost help should you need it. 


This week's blog deals with several important items:


1. Emergency Childcare

As the crisis progresses we will be reviewing our emergency childcare provision after Easter, from April 20th. Remember, UK and Welsh Government message remains the same: your child is safer at home. Unless it is absolutely essential and you really have no other option, this is where they must stay.

However, if your circumstances meet the criteria then please apply for an emergency childcare place using the attached form. Please note, the recently published revised key worker list is a guide for prioritising emergency places. It is not a list of entitlement. These settings are being run by our fabulous staff volunteers and we want them to be available for as long as possible, so please help us to help you.



2. Free School Meals

Remember, if your child is entitled to free school meals they are available for collection from the school, or a school nearer to you, Monday to Friday, after 12.30.

If your children are entitled to free school meals and would like a ‘Grab and Go’ bag please complete this form.


3. Reports

Your child's report will be placed in their shared report folder on HWB today. Pod staff will email you directly to tell you when they are ready to access. If you can't remember how to access the folder,  please refer to our previous guidance posted in our "letters and leaflets" section of the website which you can also view here.


4. Home Learning

Thank you and well done for supporting your children so well with their home learning activities, you're doing a great job! Thank you also for all the photos and emails that we have received relating to home learning, they really do brighten up each day for us! Please note that there will be no new home learning during the Easter Holidays, but of course the children can continue to use the wealth of activities which have already been posted on the pod web pages and placed in shared folders.


5. New Topic

We are keen to launch a new whole school topic after Easter as we would do in normal times! Staff are busy planning this at the moment and we will release the topic at the end of the Easter Holidays. We would also like the children to contribute to the planning of the topic as they usually do. We will invite them to make their contribution via email and Twitter and look forward to seeing their lovely ideas!