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School Blog 18th October 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


Next week is our final week before half term.  We have had a great start to the year, and all pupils are making progress across the curriculum.  Before the end of term you will receive a written report from your pod staff.  We are very proud of how our pupils are recovering from missed schooling, but please help us by not taking your child out of school unnecessarily. This has a huge impact upon their progress, and often their confidence.   


Thank you all again for helping us with our core purpose of keeping the school open by keeping pupils and staff safe.  We are doing really well, and that is down to us all working together.  Here are this week's headlines:- 


1. Wizardry and Wonders Week - Next week  we have planned a week of events and activities to ensure that the pupils do not miss out on their Monster's Ball.  Learning will not stop, but we will focus our topic on the "force of magic and science". Pods will be planning magic tricks, experiments, cooking, art,  literature and numeracy activities linked to the time of year.    Each day a different pod will have use of the marquee for their very own monster's ball.  Your child can dress up for this, but please do not send in any objects such as broom sticks, lanterns etc.  We are still minimising "stuff" from home as staff have to wipe everything down.    Here is the plan for the week:



Moany Monday:  Pili Pala to dress for a monsters' ball

Terrifying Tuesday: Fun activities across the school

Woo ooo ooo Wednesday: Pysgodyn to dress up for a monsters' ball

Thriller Thursday: PryCops to dress up for a monsters' ball

Freaky Friday: Pengwins to dress up for a monsters' ball


2. Thank you to Mrs Morgan for organising the school council elections, and well done to all those to participated in their pod party conferences!  The votes are counted and the new members will be announced today.  But remember - we are proud of every pupil here in Llanrhidian, and every learner has an opportunity to sit on a pupil voice group.  


Have a great week

Mrs Caswell