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School Blog 8th October 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


Where are the weeks going?  Time seems to be flying by, as we are hurtling towards half term.  Thank you for all your positive feedback regarding the Pod After School Club.  The pupils are really enjoying - a big thank you to the staff for providing this.   Here are this week's headlines:-


1. Shwmae Day October 15th "Wear Red, Green or White" - We will be celebrating this day with lots of Welsh activities in each pod. Our super Driegaiu will be planning some fun for everyone. Da iawn pawb!  Don't forget to greet all your family and friends with a big "shwmae" on this day.   We are asking pupils to wear the colours of our Welsh flag. (Red, White, Green - or a mixture) 


3. Wizardry and Wonders Week - As explained last week, our traditional Monster Ball is scuppered by the pandemic.  However, we will not be beaten, and feel we have come up with an even better plan.  We are planning a week of events and activities to ensure that the pupils do not miss out.  Learning will not stop, but we will focus our topic on the "force of magic and science". Pods will be planning magic tricks, experiments, cooking, art,  literature and numeracy activities linked to the time of year.  If you have any good ideas that could enhance this week for the pupils, please let us know.  Each day a different pod will have use of the marquee for their very own monster's ball.   Here is the plan for the week, but please note there is a change to Pili Pala's day! 


Moany Monday: Teachers will launch the week and Pili Pala to dress for a monster's ball

Terrifying Tuesday: Fun activities across the school

Woo ooo ooo Wednesday: Pysgodyn to dress up for a monster's ball

Thriller Thursday: PryCops to dress up for a monster's ball

Freaky Friday: Pengwins to dress up for a monster's ball


3. School Council Elections October 12th – Every year each pod elect a representative to sit on the school council.  Every child has the opportunity to create a campaign poster, or flipgrid, clearly stating why they should be voted for.  They will also present their ideas of how they will improve the school to their pod before the all important vote.


Have a fabulous weekend,

Mrs Caswell