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School Blog Friday 11th June

Dear Parents and Carers, 


It has been wonderful to see all the children back after half term, and returning to a school full of flowers and plants has really lifted everyone's spirits.  Thank you so much.  The rainbow benches are on order and we can't wait for them to arrive.  We also have some exciting plans afoot which I will share with you when they are confirmed.


It is so important that our environment is bright, cheery and supports the learners in both their well-being and their progress.  Despite the challenges this year, the school has never looked so good.  So thank you again for all your support.

Please see this week's headlines:-


1. Sports Day (Week of 28th June) - Last year we had to have a virtual sports day.  Well, this year the pupils can have their own sports day in their contact bubbles.  Teachers are planning these events and will let you know which day they will be racing.  A dedicated video channel will be set up on our website for you to view the events.  Your Pod staff will let you know what your child will need.  Sport's Day T-Shirts are available from the office.  Please email if you need to know what colour house your child is in. 

2. Reading - Lockdowns have undoubtedly disrupted our pupils' learning.  We are striving to give our pupils every opportunity to progress in all aspects of the curriculum, but are asking for your help with reading.   Research shows that reading actual books  increases brain connectivity, vocabulary, comprehension, empathy and, most importantly, reduces stress and improves wellbeing.  We have unlimited books for you to borrow.  These are called CAPER books and are available for all pupils.  Please contact your Pod staff if you would like your child to bring home more reading material.  If you will help us raise the children's love for reading by ensuring your child practices regularly,  it will have a massive impact upon their progress in school.  We have a number of successful strategies to "teach" reading, but regular practice is what makes all the difference.   

3. Summer Raffle - We are now collecting prizes for the summer raffle.  Each class will raffle a class hamper, and we need your donations to make this a success.  As you know we are unable to raise funds through a summer fayre, so this raffle will support the school to further develop its environment to support pupil well-being.  Please send in any of the following items by July 2nd.  We will need to leave all items for 48 hours before creating the hampers.    We will be sending raffle tickets home next week draw the raffle on July 9th.   Examples of donations:-  Bottles (wrapped for safety), Sweets, Toiletries, Summer themed gifts! 

4. Pod Pry Cop are going to be selling their Enterprise Challenge entry fruit smoothies next week.  Based on the weather we are aiming to go for Wednesday the 16th June from 3pm from Siop Ceirios and the Junior yard.

One Podlet will be running each stall.

Smoothies are only £2.50.  They come in recyclable paper cups with paper straws.

Flavours are:

Banana and Strawberry

Mango and Passionfruit

Please come and support the school at pick-up time.  (The pupils have worked really hard on desiging, costing and advertising these products)  Your 5 a day is one taste away!

Brand name is Fruit Crush!  #LlanFruitCrush


Have a fabulous weekend

Mrs Caswell