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School Blog Friday 12th March

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are really looking forward to having the whole school back in on Monday.  Let's hope we can keep them in school for the rest of the year by keeping the community transmission low.  Here are some reminders and information for the weeks ahead.


Letter to Parents - A letter to parents explaining all the routines from March 15th can be accessed here.  Please ensure all members of your family, or anyone who is involved in collecting your child reads this.  eg older siblings, grandparents etc.  


One Way System Pickup from 3.20 to 3.40 - Thank you to those who are using the one way system to reduce gatherings at the gates. As more pupils return, it is more important than ever that this is used.  There is often a bottle neck of  parents around the "drop off gate" at the end of the day.  We urge these parents to use the one way system to avoid this.  (Please let us know if you are physically unable to do this, and we will do our best to support).   Year 3 pupils will have a new end of day routine.   We will monitor this and communicate with these parents as necessary.   PryCop parents will continue to enter the yard via the drop off, or wait at the top of the yard.  (Some Y2 parents also do this which is fine).  If you need a reminder of the one way system please look at the end of the return to school letter (Appendix 1) or ask your class teacher.  


Pick Up Timings - Just a reminder that gates will be opened before or by 3.20.  Please use the window between 3.20 and 3.40 to avoid over crowding at the gates.  Reception to Year 2 finish school at 3.20  and Year 3 to Year 6 finish at 3.25.  It is important for teachers to make the most of every minute within the school day.


Drop off Zone - The drop off zone works brilliantly in the morning and saves parking and traffic issues.  This is particularly useful for Y2 - Y6 pupils.    Please do not park here so we can keep this zone clear.  Please also note that we can not run a pick up service, and parents need to "park up" and collect their pupils from their classroom exits.  


Friday Early Closure - Until we can safely staff our "podlet bubbles" to enable planning time for teachers, we are closing the school to nearly all pupils at 1pm on Fridays.  We will keep you updated as to when we will return to our usual end of day routine.  For more information please see the return to school letter.


School Reports - Teachers will not be issuing school reports this term.  However, as always, if you do need to discuss your child's learning, please contact the school so we can arrange a phone call.  We will be issuing a report in the Summer Term, and holding parent consultations. 


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Caswell