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School Blog Friday 15th January

Dear Parents/Carers,


We have really valued the feedback regarding distance learning this week, we hope you understand that we are doing our very best for every pupil.


As always, we are always looking to improve and evaluate our practice. However, it does concern us that the media has promoted "live lessons" as the gold standard of home teaching.  For nearly all primary school pupils, we strongly feel that the benefits of recorded lessons outweigh the benefits of live lessons, which is why we will be continuing in this way.  However, we have introduced a weekly live check-in for the pupils. As with all digital learning, we are trialling this out and will no doubt find ways to improve and enhance the sessions.  In the mean time, you can find the expectations and a tutorial here.  Parental consent is necessary for these sessions, so please contact you teacher if you have not received the consent form. 


There is now very high interaction with the website's Pod Pages - thank you. Some parents have asked for more structure, some have asked for less structure, but please remember that you must do what you can.  Do not feel pressured by what others are doing, everyone has their own circumstances and I can assure you, we will support the approach that suits you. 


We really appreciate that home learning is not easy, so we thought it may be useful to share a few top-tips :-


1. If you can, set a realistic daily routine. This can be devised and agreed with your child. 

2. Keep clear morning and bed time routines, this will help with planning the day ahead and ensures everyone has a good night's sleep.  

3. Watch the pre-recorded lessons with your child and discuss the expectations for any task that follows.  If you are unable to do this during the day, you could watch the evening before so you know what your child will be watching.

3. Keep on top of the emails from the staff - they are there to support you.

4. Contact the staff if you need any resources - stationary, printouts of resources, paper etc. We can put a pack together for you to collect from school.  However, please understand that this may not be immediate as teachers do have a heavy workload and are not all on site. 

5. Make sure your child is checking in at least once a week through their Pod Page. 

6. Contact your staff or myself if you are finding anything difficult.  If we can help we will help! 


Take Care & Keep Safe,

Mrs Caswell