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School Blog Friday 16th April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had a superb first week back, and a huge thanks to the staff who have planned exciting activities to launch the new topic "Go Go Gower Rangers!".  


It has been wonderful to see all the pupils back, and it has begun to feel a little more normal for us all.  We continue to operate under our Risk Assessment and Swansea's Operational Guidance, and hope to make as much use of the outdoors as possible this term.  


As you are aware, we cannot hold our traditional events, but will endeavour to make the term as special as possible.  Here are the headlines this week.  Please share with all close family members. 


1. The 100 Club Lottery - As we have been hit very hard financially through Covid, we are asking parents to support us by entering our 100 club lottery.  This is a bit of fun for everyone, and will provide us with much needed funds.  The first draw of the term will be on April 30th.  You can pay £5 or £10 depending on how many weeks you would like play.  For more information click here. 


2.  Parent Consultations - During the week of 7th June and 14th June, your teachers will give you an opportunity for a 10 minute phone call or teams meeting. If you need to learn how to use "Teams"  please click here.  You will also recieve a written report for your child towards the end of term.  


3.  Marquee - Thank you to Mr Mabbett for our marquee.  This has been an excellent additional space for the school and every pod has used it effectively for PE and Gym.  As a result we will be hiring this again next year for the 6 winter months.  When  this is taken down for the summer, we plan to grow wild flowers in the space, giving the pupils another valuable learning opportunity. 


4. Fundraising - As the weather warms up our pupils will be using the outdoors more and more.  We really need more tables and benches to support this, and have learnt that the re-cycled plastic variety are the most durable.  However, these are very expensive.  If anyone has any contacts with a firm who can support us with this quest, please let us know.  Or, if you know of a business who may be willing to support us to purchase a bench, please pass on our details.  From our initial research tables costs approximately £500.   We will, as always, tweet a thanks to promote any business who can support us.  Any donations, of any amount would be hugely appreciated!


Many Thanks again for all you help and support during these uncertain times. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Caswell