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School Blog Friday 1st October 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had a great harvest week, and we must thank you for supporting Mathew's House with all your donations. I know the contribution that you make to this worthwhile charity really does make a huge difference.  Swansea is home to many struggling families, and we will continue to be a place where food donations can be made throughout the year.  Here are this week's headlines:-


1. Drop Off & Pick Up - Please remember that school gates need to be locked by 8.55 in the morning to enable staff to start their school day.  If you are late, please use the side lane gate where you will need to press the buzzer.  Thank you for your co-operation with this, and please remember to use the drop off zone for pupils in PryCop and Pysgodyn.   A few parents have asked if Pengwin pupils can be dropped off at the drop off zone.  If you feel your child can walk independently to the office door, then we can accommodate this.  However we do not have the free staff to take them around. 

We are having more and more parents pulling up in cars and expecting staff to take pupils out to them at the end of the day.  As much as this would be a lovely service to offer, we do not have the capacity as it leaves other pupils unsupervised,  and it also blocks the highway.  Please park safely and come and collect your child from the school grounds.  Please pass this message onto any friends and relatives who collect.

2. Shwmae Day - We will be celebrating this day with lots of Welsh activities in each pod. Our super Driegaiu will be planning some fun for everyone. Da iawn pawb!  Don't forget to greet all your family and friends with a big "shwmae" on this day. 

3. Wizardry and Wonders Week - Our traditional Monster Ball is once again scuppered by the pandemic.  However, we will not be beaten, and feel we have come up with an even better plan.  We are planning a week of events and activities to ensure that the pupils do not miss out.  Learning will not stop, but we will focus our topic on the "force of magic and science". Pods will be planning magic tricks, experiments, cooking, art,  literature and numeracy activities linked to the time of year.  If you have any good ideas that could enhance this week for the pupils, please let us know.  Each day a different pod will have use of the marquee for their very own monster's ball.   Here is the plan for the week

Moany Monday: Teachers will launch the week

Terrifying Tuesday: Pili Pala to dress for a monster's ball

Woo ooo ooo Wednesday: Pysgodyn to dress up for a monster's ball

Thriller Thursday: PryCops to dress up for a monster's ball

Freaky Friday: Pengwins to dress up for a monster's ball

4. Home Quests:  Your pod staff will be setting the expectations for home learning to support your child in their recovery from missed school.  Please encourage your child to practise the skills they have learnt in school through our excellent online tools.  If you have any issues accessing these, please contact your pod staff immediately.  We love to see what you have been doing, so please share on twitter using the hashtag #LlanRead or #LlanHome

5. Spare clothes for little accidents - From time to time our younger learners have little accidents and need to be changed. If you have any aged 8 below trousers, boys/girls pants or socks we would be very grateful.  We seem to have a glut of tights so do not need these.  


That just leaves me to say have a fabulous weekend,

Mrs Caswell