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School Blog Friday 20th November 2020

The headlines this week:

1. Reports

Teachers are currently completing the pupils' individual reports which will be available at the end of term by logging in to your child's HWB account. These reports will have important targets which will outline some of your child's next steps in their learning. 

2. Home learning

Please encourage your child to access their pod page at home regularly throughout the week. Much of the resources for the weekly activities are posted on the Flip Bit pages. This enables your child to both prepare themselves for their weekly topics, and consolidate learning which has already taken place.

3. Consent for Christmas Film

 Each podlet is  planning Christmas videos which will pull together a range of talents including singing, dancing and drama.  As this is a new production, and will be hosted on the school website, we need your permission before uploading your child's performance.  Without this your child will not be in the final video.  However, they will still take part in all the rehearsals so they do not miss out on the skills.   Please click here to complete the consent form 

4. Shopping Channel

Don't forget to visit our very own shopping channel to buy some festive Christmas crafts. All proceeds will be used to benefit the children.