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School Blog Friday 22nd January 2021

This Week's Headlines 


Thank You! - You have been absolutely amazing.  We are so grateful for your engagement and understanding.  This situation is not what any of us want, and we have to hang on to the fact that this will end at some point.  Every week we feel we are getting better at developing online learning, and our first live sessions have gone well.  (Although not without the odd expected glitch!) Your children are an absolute joy to see, and it means so much to staff when we can see them responding to the lessons from the Pod Pages.   As always, please put your own wellbeing first.  Do what you can and what suits your circumstances, and do not compare yourself to other families.  Staff are here to  support, and as always, if we can help, we will help. 


Reading Eggs - We are so glad pupils are enjoying using reading eggs.  The staff are setting out the expectations weekly, and reading is definitely a task that can be achieved very effectively at home. We have just introduced reading eggs for our older nursery, and are now looking at the cost of introducing this for our newest school members.  Mrs Gosney will keep you informed. 


Dragon Schools Clothes Bank - We are continuing to accept good quality clothes and shoes in our clothes bank. The clothes bank is an excellent way for the school to bring in much needed funds and allow you to have a clear out of your wardrobes during this lockdown. Please could you email the school office to arrange an appropriate drop-off time.

Happy Cleaning!


Twitter - We love seeing your achievements, so please keep sending in pictures or tweeting @llanrhidianp so we can re-tweet.  Please do not include your child's name but feel free to use your Pod's hashtag eg,#LlanPyrCop or #Llanpengwin etc.