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School Blog Friday 29th January

This Week's Headlines:


Return to School: I am sure you have heard that there is some hope that some learners may return to school after half term.  This will be a flexible and phased return for the youngest learners initially.  Please be assured that we will get our plans out to you as early as possible.  We really do appreciate the impact this has on your daily lives.  As always we will work with our cluster and local authority for consistency.


Core Business: No one is more excited than the staff to return to our core business of teaching and learning.  You may have heard the term "catch up curriculum" in the media, but I want to reassure you that, in time, your child will reach their potential. However, any attempt to rush learning will not only be detrimental to our pupils' wellbeing, but will be ineffective.   At Llanrhidian we follow the purposeful process of emerging, developing, securing and finally mastering knowledge and skills. If any part of this process is missed, learning will be hindered.   I want to reassure you that we will continue to work with your child to facilitate progress from their starting point.  We will continue to value play, creativity, problem solving and personal effectiveness- skills that underpin all learning.  We are looking forward to working with you when pupils return, but let us remember that learning is a journey, not a destination.  


Live Sessions - Thank you for engaging with our live sessions.  These have been very successful across the school and we hope you agree that they have been beneficial for your child.  If you have not yet participated, please email your teacher for the consent form.