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School Blog Friday 3rd December

Dear Parents and Carers, 


We are now well and truly in the throws of Christmas festivities, despite covid rates remaining high across the school.   However, this situation is being met with the tremendous resilience of pupils, staff and yourselves.  Well done everyone!  Being #TeamLlanrhidian remains the key to getting us through these constant challenges, and as an old African proverb states...."Smooth seas do not create skillful sailors".  


Staff are doing their absolute utmost to ensure your child will not miss out on their Christmas performances,  crafts and festive activities.  If your child is isolating, remember they can keep in touch via the pod pages and access home learning from the "Home Quests" and the "Flipped Learning" pages.  If during such isolation you need any support, please contact the office and we will do our very best to help. 


Please remember to use the "Covid Contact Us" page to report any covid related issues.  Thank you once again for all your support!  You have been amazing.  Here are this week's headlines:-


Re-Used Christmas Jumpers:- If you have any good quality Christmas jumpers that can be re-used, please send into school.  Likewise, if you would like a re-cycled one, let us know and we will send one home if we have one available.  (We will isolate these for 72 hours)


Re-Used Togs:- In the ethos of reduce, re-use and recycle, please send in any good quality football or rugby togs for us to re-distribute.  Thank you for those already sent in.  


Sports Club:- Please can all pupils be collected at 4.15 on this night.  There is not a window of pick up due to other staff commitments. 


Reminder Christmas Raffle - Thank you to those who have sent in prizes and money for tickets.   We are creating "Pod Hampers" (as many as we can) so please send in wine, chocolates, Christmas items etc.  Also if you are in the position to donate a larger "stand alone" prize we would be very grateful.  As always, if you know any local businesses who can help, please ask them for us too and we will Tweet a thank you.  We have already booked and planned a special launch day for our pupils in January, and this does cost the school.  The money we raise helps us to provide our pupils with the best experiences and resources that really does impact on their learning.  Thank you again for your support.


Our Environment - We continue to value our environment to enhance wellbeing and learning.  Thank you to those who have sent in "indoor" plant pots, we have been spreading these around the school and pupils are taking responsibility for their class plants.    Please keep these coming in, as we are still keen to add more plants to our indoor environment.  Like wise, if you have any house plants that you no longer want, please send them in to us.  


Sickness & Diarrhoea:- Please note the advice from NHS.

Children with diarrhoea or vomiting should stay away from school for 2 days (48hours) after their symptoms have gone. 


Dog Poo on Community Path:- Having fought for a safe community path for 13 years, is does seem such a shame that some dog owners are allowing their dogs to foul on this much used and vital route.  This is not the school's remit, and we have suggested that parents need to raise this with the community council.  However, true responsibility must lie with the dog owners, so perhaps if we all spread the word, it may help. 


And on a jollier note, have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the excitement of December.  :) 

Mrs Caswell