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School Blog Friday 5th November

Dear Parents and Carers,


Covid19 has had an impact on every single individual.  The well-being of us all has never been so important.  And this is why it is vital to recognise the power of helping and supporting each other.  For this reason I cannot thank you enough for supporting our school.  Whether its a kind word, a donation, help with resources or supporting learning, it really does mean a lot to us.  This week I would like to share a poem with you.  It reminds us that our children have suffered too.  I hope you enjoy it. 


In twenty years time… 

People will not ask the children of 2020 if they caught up with their studies.
They will not ask them what grades they made, despite the year off school.
They will ask them with wonder ‘what was it like?’
They will ask them ‘how did you cope?’
‘How did you feel?’
‘What do you remember of those days?”
They will listen in awe to the tales of clapping on doorsteps for the medical workers.
They will sit open-mouthed to hear of daily walks being the only life we saw and how much we missed human contact and gatherings.
They will be amazed to know about empty supermarkets, online concerts, birthdays spent on a screen and a life lived inside.

They will listen, then sit back with amazement and say, ‘Wow. You went through so much.’ 

So think about what you would like your children to take away from this whole year.
Tell them they are not behind.
Tell them they are not missing out.
Tell them they are extremely special indeed and they will be forever made stronger by this unique time.

Tell them catching up is not even a thing because they have grown so much in so many other ways. 

Remind them too of the fun stuff, the family jigsaws, the window rainbows, the zoom bingo.
The feeling of safety and togetherness amidst the chaos. 

Let them take that thought with them through life.
Change the narrative now and it will travel far. 

Tell the children they are not behind.
They are special. 

They are special. 


Donna Ashworth 


Here are this week's headlines:- 


1. Safeguarding: Keeping our children safe online is a huge challenge. "In the know" is a collection of guides which cover what all parents and carers should know about the most popular social media and gaming apps children are using today.… #LlanStaysafe

2. Christmas Raffle - Please help us to raise funds for our children.  You can do this my supporting our Christmas Raffle.  We are creating "Pod Hampers" (as many as we can)  so please send in any wine, chocolates, Christmas items etc as you can. Also if you are in the position to donate a larger "stand alone" prize we would be very grateful.  As always, if you know any local businesses who can help, please ask them for us too. 

We will be sending home the tickets today. Please sell as many as you can.  We have already booked and planned a special launch day for our pupils in January, and this does cost the school.  The money we raise helps us to provide our pupils with the best experiences and resources that really does impact on their learning.  Thank you for your support.

3. INSET dates: The school will be closed for staff training on the following days in 2022.  January 4th; February 28th, June 6th. 

4. Additional Bank Holiday  - The school will be closed for a bank holiday to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee on Friday 29th April.  The school will be closed for staff and parents. 


Enjoy Bonfire night and stay safe.

Mrs Caswell