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School Blog Friday 7th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is so wonderful to have the pupils back, and we are all excited to launch our new topic “The Mad Matter’s Tea Party!”.  This topic will explore states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and will build upon the knowledge and skills of each and every pupil.   As always numeracy and literacy are a high priority and we are continually adapting our planning to meet pupils’ individual needs as a result of missed school last term.  Pod staff will be soon sending their Pod Project Overview to you to outline some of the learning that will be taking place this term.  


Please remember, if anything is worrying you, or you need any support with anything – get in touch with your pod staff or me, your head teacher.  If it is not urgent, please use the office email, if it is confidential email me direct.  If it is covid related, please use the covid contact page.    As always, if we can help we will help! Here are the headlines this week:-


Home Learning:- Our online home learning is outstanding, and many pupils engage with it every week.  However, we believe there is now a need to reintroduce a “Home Learning Book” for Pod Pysgodyn and Pod Prycop.  Pod masters will be setting clear expectations for home learning, and we hope that together we can all support our pupils in developing their “integral skills” of being creative, being organised, being thinkers and being effective.  It is so important that we teach pupils “how to learn” as well as “what to learn” if they are to have the best chances in life.   Expectations will be set according to pupils’ age and ability, they will be open ended and flexible.  This is not about handing in loads of work, it is about developing independence and positive attitudes to learning.

Launch Day Monday – Our slightly delayed launch day will be on Monday.  We are so disappointed that it will no longer involve activities off site, however, we still have a great day planned for the pupils.  Please ensure they have waterproof coats, warm clothes and wellies for the day.

Sports Club – It is with regret that due to the “Very High Alert Level” of infection control expected by schools, the North Gower Partnership have all postponed after school sports club until further notice.  Please be assured that we will review this regularly.

Masks on site – Thank you to all those who wear masks onsite.  Please could you pass this message onto anyone collecting your child. 

Changes to Warn and Inform Letters - The warn and inform approach reinforces key messages about the risk to others from COVID and what can be done to minimise the risk. If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your child’s class, an “inform letter” will be sent to parents. If there have been two or more positive cases of COVID19 in your child’s class a “warn and inform letter” will be sent.  We will only send one warn and inform letter out per school week, even if there are further cases.

Ventilation – We are continuing to ensure adequate ventilation by opening windows and doors. Carbon dioxide monitors are now in each class and informs staff if more air flow is needed.  Please dress you child in extra layers to support this approach.

Symptomatic Pupils - Pupils who display Covid symptoms whilst in school, will be asked to be collected. Please ensure we have up to date contact information.


As always please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a Fabulous Weekend,

Mrs Caswell