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School Blog Friday 8th January

Dear Parents and Carers,


By now I am sure you have heard the news that schools will be closed until at least the end of January unless there is a significant reduction in transmission of Covid19. There is a likelihood that this may even be extended until February half term.


Never in my time as head teacher have I been as proud of this school.  We all, together, continue to face the challenges of Covid19 with positivity and support for each other. 


I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff for providing their online learning.  A year ago most of us would have never imagined spending so much time in front of the camera!  They have learnt new skills and effectively used last term to prepare the pupils for an eventuality such as this.  Instructional videos are replacing the face to face lessons, and opportunities for pupils to check in and ask questions are available on every pod page.  Our staff continue to be there for every learner, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Parents have embraced online learning to support our pupils.  Thank you - without your engagement this would not work.  Many parents and pupils are already sharing what they are doing, and I have to use the word "outstanding" to describe what it being done.  


Last term pupils practised using the website to access their lessons in school.  This was deliberate to ensure that the transition to home learning would be smoother.  As a result, many many more pupils are now engaging imaginatively with the online learning, and we are seeing much higher levels of motivation and self direction.  A huge well done to them! 


Thank you also to the governors who have supported us all the way since March.  They have continued to give us the confidence and direction through these times, and it has been so reassuring to know we have a strong team of leaders behind us.  


I also want to reassure you that we do not want to put any family under pressure with home learning.  If you need help or support, please ask.  If your circumstances are such that you cannot support home learning, don't worry.  If you need a device or connectivity, get in touch. If you just need a chat or are concerned about anything at all, give myself or whichever staff you feel comfortable speaking to a call.  I will say this again "if we can help - we will help!"


The school continues to be open for some pupils and children of key workers.  If you feel you need this provision, and have no other alternatives,  please get in touch.  


Thank you everyone!  Keep safe! 


Mrs Caswell