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Pencampwr Deinosor

We're going on a dino-mite adventure! Can you stomp your feet and ROAR like a T-Rex?

We're going to explore the land before time, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. We'll learn about these prehistoric creatures, their habitats, and what they ate. Who knows, you might just become a dinosaur expert by the end of the week!


Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Cân 'd' Dewi'r Deinosôr

Playful Listening Game

LO: To demonstrate listening behaviours and respond appropriately

Let's play a fun listening game! One child will be blindfolded in the middle of our circle. The rest of you will take turns saying, "It's me, the big T. rex," or "It’s me, the baby dinosaur," using squeaky or gruff voices. The blindfolded child's job is to guess who spoke and where they were in the room. Ready, set, listen and guess!

Read the Story Hide a Saurus

Sorting Dinosaurs 

LO: To sort and classify dinosaur toys based on different attributes such as colour, size, or type.

  • "Can you name some different types of dinosaurs?"
  • "How can we group dinosaurs together?"
  • "What do you know about big and small dinosaurs?"This will help the teacher understand the children's prior knowledge and tailor the lesson accordingly.

Andy's Top 5 Greatest Dinosaurs

Dino Party Hats 

LO to build models using 3D shapes

We're going to embark on a roarsome adventure and create a dinosaur party hat using 2D shapes! Can you imagine a T-Rex, Triceratops, or Velociraptor perched atop our heads, ready to stomp and chomp its way through the party?


Boogie Beebies - Do The Dino