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Pod Pila-Pala - click here for you printing challenge

Making leaf prints is a simple idea that can easily be extended to create patterns

• Begin by making a small collection of leaves – there’ll still be some left from autumn, but you could also cut some from plants that need containing, such as ivy.
• Squeeze a couple of blobs of paint onto a flat palette and use a plastic knife to mix two colours together.
• Flatten a leaf into the ink, remove it and press it on to the paper. Make several prints at this stage as you’ll find that each will be slightly different.
• Talk to children about the variety of tones and textures of the leaves – it often becomes more noticeable once it has been printed on to paper.
• Now think about composition. Repeating a pattern across the page or experimenting with rotating interlocking designs is an effective way of turning a simple activity into a more complex one.