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Pod Project Overview

“Green, Green, Grass of Home''

Come with us as we go off on an amazing, spectacular, magical; journey starting from our Llanrhidian home, past the Welsh border through Europe and up into deep space.. We are on a journey to discover to answer the simple but deep questions of life such as, 'Who are we?' 'Where did we come from?' 'How do plants grow?' 

“Think, Wonder, Dream !”

Come with us as we think, wonder and dream. We are on a journey to discover influential peoples' dreams from now and the past. We will also discuss the importance of self-regulation. Can we discover the habitats around us?


Autumn 2022

''What The Dickens''

Let us invite you on our journey and travel back in time to the Victorian times, as we explore the famous people, inventions and compare how our lives are very different.