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Pod PryCop - Generate your own data, interpret and question

This is the perfect activity for a math class. Have your Children spend a few minutes outside gathering leaves and then, Together talk about what you have found, sort the leaves by shape or colour and create a leaf graph with their findings. 
Generate your own questions such as...


How many more green leaves are there than brown ?
What is the total number of leaves on your leaf graph?
If I added 10 more green leaves how many green leaves would there be altogether.

If 10 children in your class collected 7 leaves each, how many leaves would there be altogether?

Mrs Joseph said that you have collected too many leaves and she would like you to put half of them back. How many leaves would you now have?


tip- try to have a different question starter


Create your own graphs (you can use the graph paper below)

don’t forget it needs to be neat, accurate and labelled correctly.

Data collecting